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The TT Humanists are not about party politics nor are we primarily concerned with constitutional matters. However, insofar as government affects the kind of policies implemented by the State, we will promote a certain kind of government structure and policy approach. Thus, we stand for the strict separation of church/mandir/mosque and State.

This principle is for the protection of both State and religion. A State cannot cater to all citizens equally when it has to cater to fundamentally opposed belief systems. Religions are at risk of suppression when the State caters to religious groups, for there is always the danger that the agents of the State may begin to favour one group over all others.

We hold that that religious spokespersons should, however, have a voice in governance, since many citizens look to religious organisations for guidance. But these organisations’ positions should not carry more weight than any other group’s, except and insofar that their arguments make more sense than any other group’s. The lessons of history teach that a secular State is the only polity that even in theory can be fair to all.

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