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Media Interviews • 2005

Date Topic • Participants • Programme Media
12 December Draft National Gender Policy and the CCSJ Radio i95.5
Cedriann Martin • Noon news broadcast
28 November Crime and "Moral" Decline CNC 3
Denis Solomon • "Big Issue" with Shelley Dass
22 November Humanism CNC 3
Kevin Baldeosingh, Shane Collens, Timothy Teemal • "Jaye Q"
02 November Homophobia - Draft Gender Policy CCL IETV 16
Shane Collens • News interview with Stacey Lalbeharry
28 October Religion Public Institutions CNC 3
Kevin Baldeosingh • "Big Issue" with Shelley Dass
04 October 2005-2006 Budget Speech - Draft Gender Policy CCN TV6
Kevin Baldeosingh and Hazel Brown • "Morning Edition" with Andy Johnson
03 October 2005-2006 Budget Speech - Draft Gender Policy Gayelle TV
Cedriann Martin • "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo" with Magella Moreau
30 September Crime Prevention - Pushing the Envelope CNC 3
Kevin Baldeosingh and Nicola Cross • "Early Morning" with Lenox Grant
21 July Abstinence Only Radio i95.5
Cedriann Martin • Noon news broadcast
21 June Draft HIV/AIDS Offences Bill CCL IETV 16
Kevin Baldeosingh• News interview with Giselle McIntyre
10 June Death Penalty Radio i95.5
Kevin Baldeosingh • Talk with Dale Enoch and Roger Lee
09 June Death Penalty CCN TV6
Novack George • "Morning Edition" with William Lucie-Smith
25 May Enlightened Education CCN TV6
Kevin Baldeosingh • "Morning Edition" with Andy Johnson
09 May Draft National Gender Policy and Action Plan Gayelle TV
Veronica Collens and Novack George • "Cock-A-Doodle-Doo" with Magella Moreau
12 April Direct public discourse and intervention on matters of public policy Guardian
Kevin Baldeosingh and Novack George with Valdeen Shears-Neptune

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