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Religion Spiritual and moral background checks for Police?

We wonder how such checks would be conducted. Would church attendance be considered sufficient evidence of good character? Or, by contrast, would any applicant who is having sex outside marriage be considered morally unfit to be a police officer, since fornication is a sin by religious lights? And how do you measure spirituality? … "See Letter"

Secularism Statement on World Humanist Day 2009
The importance of empiricism and ethics in public policy

The recent ruling on the smelter issue is an apt demonstration of the importance of empiricism and ethics in public policy. One might think that no reasonable person would object to such standards, yet influential groups in the society regularly put political interests or superstitious beliefs as better bases for policy-making. … "See Letter"

Religion There is no correlation between religion and ethics
  It is in our collective interest not to conflate religion with the exercise of civil power. Data from the World Values Survey show that the most religious nations are often the least ethical. There is no logical reason to prioritise the representation of religion on any state commission, board of enquiry or board of censors. A secular society, by definition, excludes religion from governance and justice. … "See Letter"
Religion Jehovah Witnesses - a false religion? All or none!
  Why is a national newspaper allowing letter-writers to describe Jehovah Witnesses as followers of a false religion? Since all religions are based on beliefs which cannot be proved, either all religions are false or they are all equally genuine. The newspaper should ensure that it adheres to standards of evidence, logic, and fairness. … "See Letter"
Science Charles Darwin 200 years, Origin of Species 150 years
  In Trinidad and Tobago, the scientific project may not be as important as in developed nations, but the standards listed are obviously essential to solving our social and economic problems. Understanding evolution, as a simple and elegant and powerful scientific fact, can help foster the attitude that our country needs now and for the future. … "See Letter"
Secularism Marriage Act is Child Abuse
  So rather than alter the Marriage Acts, the framers of the Children’s Bill are saying that all these sexual acts, which are deemed harmful to children 14 years and under, are magically healthy and acceptable once committed within the bounds of marriage. … "See Letter"

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