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Calendar of events and recognition

Source: International Humanist and Ethical Union

21-Mar-2005 Equinox and Earth DayIHEU
5-Apr-2005 Deadline for Congress Resolutions
22-Apr-2005 Bioethics: A Humanist Approach
6-May-2005 Day of Reason (US)IHEU
6-May-2005 Deadline for GA Agenda and Resolutions
7-May-2005 Birthday of Hume
15-May-2005 International Conscientious Objectors' DayIHEU
22-May-2005 International Day for Biological DiversityIHEU
5-Jun-2005 World Environment DayIHEU
6-Jun-2005 Deadline for EC nominations
6-Jun-2005 Deadline for IHEU to receive names of GA delegates
21-Jun-2005 World Humanist Day
5-Jul-2005 IHEU World Congress, Paris
7-Jul-2005 IHEU General Assembly, Paris
11-Jul-2005 International Day Against StoningIHEU
6-Aug-2005 Anniversary of atomic bomb on HiroshimaIHEU
9-Aug-2005 Anniversary of atomic bomb on NagasakiIHEU
11-Aug-2005 Birthday of Ingersoll
26-Aug-2005 IHEU Founded, 1952
22-Sep-2005 Equinox
22-Sep-2005 Bioethics panel discussion: Beyond Cloning
24-Sep-2005 Trinidad and Tobago Humanists Day
3-Oct-2005 World Habitat DayIHEU
10-Oct-2005 World Day Against the Death PenaltyIHEU
12-Oct-2005 Freethought DayIHEU
16-Oct-2005 World Food DayIHEU
24-Oct-2005 United Nations DayIHEU
16-Nov-2005 International Day for ToleranceIHEU
25-Nov-2005 International Day for the Elimination of Violence Against Women
1-Dec-2005 World AIDS DayIHEU
10-Dec-2005 Human Rights Day
21-Dec-2005 Solstice
23-Dec-2005 Human Light CelebrationIHEU
27-Jan-2006 Holocaust Memorial DayIHEU
12-Feb-2006 Birthday of Darwin
8-Mar-2006 International Womens DayIHEU


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