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Tortured Logic It is argued that the mental torture is the result of a desire expressed in the legal system that every possible chance of acquittal or reprieve be given to the condemned person. This is irrelevant, since in even the quickest of executions the suffering is in the wait, not in the death.
Death and Self-Esteem The greatest shame of the death penalty, though, is what it says about the country that imposes it. One of the things it says about us is how much we hate ourselves.
The Wimp and the Warrior In the hanging of Glen Ashby, the PNM government went even further, stringing Ashby up while his appeal was actually being heard, and breaking the promise of the Attorney General to the Privy Council that they would not do so.
Execution Chamber In suggesting to the Attorney General that he simply inform the human rights bodies that we withdraw from their optional protocols the Chamber of Commerce is sharing the Attorney General’s arrogant contempt for Parliamentary democracy. Two wrongs do not make a right.
Execution Chamber II What I was in fact putting across in the column is that Trinidadians and Tobagonians of all stripes dislike themselves to so much that they assume this country to be inferior to all others. Their feeling is that whatever other countries may do about the death penalty, we are so far beyond the pale that arguments applicable elsewhere do not apply. In the group which the Chamber may be said to represent, this takes the form of a siege mentality.
The Old, Old Story ”What about the victims?”. Well, what about them? What rights do victims of murder, or their loved ones, have that are denied them by murderers not being hanged?
Lies, Half-Truths and Consultations But, confining ourselves to the consultation, it is not accurate to say that the Privy Council has changed its mind about judicial delay as a bar to execution.
Roundabout Ramesh Neither the Guardian nor Ramesh has any way of knowing the popular will regarding the hanging of murderers, cold-blooded or hot-blooded. But whatever the opinion of the majority of the population may be, it is not a reason for abandoning leadership in a moral issue.
Birthday Boy Ramesh Rights narcissism is displayed, or rather mimicked, by the Attorney General of Trinidad and Tobago when he says that we don’t need the American Convention and the International Covenant because human rights are protected by the Constitution of Trinidad and Tobago and “an extremely wide range of legal and judicial procedures”.
Un-Conventional Measures The Convention protected citizens of this country against a number of abuses of human rights that have nothing to do with cruel and unusual punishment. Privacy, freedom of the press, freedom of assembly, freedom of speech, are all guaranteed by it.
House of Ill Repute What made it worse was that the key to the dispute was not how soon it would be possible to start killing people, but which party would be able to take credit for it.
Execution Binge But we should also ask ourselves what our feelings will be when the hanging of fifteen people in quick succession, with more to come, has put us in the same league as China, Nigeria and Iran as a nation of mass executions.
Sauce for the Goose To dig up a lawyer, opposed to the abolition of the Privy Council, whose father had been convicted of murder, but fail to make the comparison with an Attorney General, bent on hanging, whose brother was in the death cell, was more than journalistic negligence. It was a journalistic crime.
Discourse Of Death In May 1999, after trying for three and a half years, the UNC government succeeded in hanging nine men over a four-day period. The (earlier) pageant referred to was the Miss Universe contest held shortly before at Chaguaramas.



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