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Published articles by Denis Solomon

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Get real, Reverend
Stay Moral and Starve
The Third Option
But What is the Question?
The Miraculous Draft of Sta-Fresh
Left-Handed Bible
Lear Versus Lear
Jesus Christ Superstud
Sex, Lies and Statistics
Less Is More
Playing the Labelling Game
Mainstream Sample
Mission Impossible
Distorted Visions
Future Imperfect
Ecclesiastical Court
Ringbang Religion
Images of Failure
God and My Granddaughter
Kevin Versus Genghis Khan
UNC Fatwa
How Much Is Too Much
Import Ban
The Un-Literate Society
Fishing For Relevance
Unholy Alliance
Illiterates Sans Frontieres
Brainwashing With Taste
Anti-Social Studies
Sparrow and Scarlet Ibis
Education Project
Centres of Excellence
Kaiso in the Classroom
Tortured Logic
Death and Self-Esteem
The Wimp and the Warrior
Execution Chamber
Execution Chamber II
The Old, Old Story
Lies, Half-Truths and Consultations
Roundabout Ramesh
Birthday Boy Ramesh
Un-Conventional Measures
House of Ill Repute
Execution Binge
Sauce for the Goose
Discourse Of Death
Censorship (2)
Endless Obscenity
Ask the Governor


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