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Philosophy Rapping on Critical Thinking Yvonne Bobb-Smith
July 2005
"Critical Thinking (CT) is an intellectual discipline that engages us in habits of thinking beyond how we feel to thinking very profoundly. It engages us in the use of many skills from reading and listening to analytical, conceptual, logic etc. in addition, it requires us include other modes of thinking—mathematical, scientific, postmodern—when dealing with social issues. CT also engages our skills, to gather, sort, classify and evaluate information, with as much pertinence and relevance as we can to deal with the issue or topic on hand." • See Presentation
Philosophy Philosophy of Humanism Kevin Baldeosingh
June 2005
"The humanist approach is more difficult, morally speaking, because it requires a thoughtful approach to making moral decisions. If you are a religious believer, then you "know" what is right and wrong, which means you never question if your decisions are causing more harm than good. A humanist, however, must always be concerned with consequences. This is why, in order to decide what the correct course of action is in respect to social and policy matters, we need to refer to human nature, history, science and politics. True morality is only possible when it is thoughtful, informed, and compassionate.." • See Presentation
Politics Politics of Humanism Novack George
June 2005
"Whatever we are as humans, many of us have come to realise that we are not, and never can all be, the same. We differ from one another in terms of character, temperament, intelligence, physical and moral strength, sexuality, specific skills and talents, facial and bodily characteristics, socioeconomic privileges and rewards, and the pressure of expectations exerted upon us by biology and tradition. We must select and continuously refine a framework within which it is possible to see and to sense how we engage one another on a basis which upholds the rule of law, maximises the protection and opportunities provided to the weakest and most disadvantaged and codifies societal norms in terms which are subject to open contestation" • See Presentation
Education Enlightened Education Kevin Baldeosingh (Ed)
May 2005
A Humanist input in areas where that is lacking • Denis Solomon
Abolish the SEA - get rid of the competition and elitism • Veronica Collens
Philosophy for children's linguistic, logical and cognitive competence • Philip Fortune
The right to information free of politics and religion • Shane Collens
Various Draft Manifesto Kevin Baldeosingh
February 2005
"... we stand for the strict separation of church/mandir/mosque and State. This principle is for the protection of both State and religion. A State cannot cater to all citizens equally when it has to cater to fundamentally opposed belief systems. Religions are at risk of suppression when the State caters to religious groups, for there is always the danger that the agents of the State may begin to favour one group over all others." • See Paper
Governance Notes on Government Denis Solomon
February 2005
"Public administration shall be organised in such a manner as to promote and develop to the maximum extent clear and rational thinking, optimism imbued with healthy scepticism, and a mentality of scientific inquiry. The Ministry of Education, in parallel with its activities in the area of curriculum development, teacher training, school building, etc., shall maintain within it an agency specifically tasked with cognitive research and the development of flexible, rational and creative thinking, analogous to the Venezuelan Ministry for the Development of Human Intelligence." • See Paper
Arts•Culture Art versus Culture Shane Collens
February 2005
"It would seem reasonable to encourage the academic pursuit of art, through inquiry and work, in order to sharpen and strengthen a culture. The blind desire to preserve culture without the tools of discipline and creativity, will lead to its mediocrity, stagnation and demise." • See Opinion

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