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"It's unfair to deny gays equal rights"

Published in Trinidad Express "Letter of the Day"Trinidad Guardian
08 May 2005 • 293 words

THIS is in response to a letter by Patricia Roberts in the Daily Express of May 6 headlined "Same-sex marriage threat is real".

Ms Roberts proclaimed that the church is the guardian of morality. Really? Take your head out of the sand for just one minute, Patricia.

Many priests stand accused of sexually abusing children and teenagers. The Catholic Church, for example, is soaked in sexual scandals and victims are now suing for billions. What did this guardian of morality do? Nothing. They just transferred these bad priests around to molest new victims.

Just think of all those homosexuals who are devout Christians. How can you condemn them and take away their rights as citizens of Trinidad and Tobago? Isn't your profession based on fairness? It is clear now that these people belong to a church which clearly hates them.

I have no problem if your religious organisation refuses to marry gays if this is in accordance with your church doctrine. In the public domain, however, religious, secular or civil unions should all be referred to as marriage in the Government's marriage registry and in matters of law. I can't see how difficult this is for a lawyer like yourself to understand unless you are blinded by religious bias.

It is also really sad that because you feel guilty about your choices, you want to take away other women's ability to choose. "Responsibility" means different actions in different circumstances to different people. Keeping abortion illegal will not make it go away.

There will always be two camps on this issue: one that would allow safe abortions on demand performed in hospitals and clinics, and the other that wants religious views on abortion to be forced on a secular society.

Peter Blankey, San Fernando

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