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"High Court Judge stepped out of her crease"

Veronica Collens • 10 May 2005 • 389 words
Published in Newsday

I was bowled over to read that a High Court Judge had stepped out of her crease, to encourage people to close the door on rational thinking. The Draft National Gender Policy and Action Plan is up for discussion and that’s what we need to do - discuss it. It would seem that the people at the ‘Lawyers for Jesus at Christ Castle’ breakfast meeting were attempting to stump it out before it even gets an innings. And that is ‘not cricket’.

But we are not playing a game here. We are talking about people’s lives. Sometimes I wonder if the people who speak out so vociferously against other people’s life styles, persuasions and personal decisions are closeting away their own insecurities and fears. “See me here, I’m okay, but you are not.”

During breakfast, Justice Alice Yorke-Soo Hon reportedly said that the Draft National Gender Policy and Action Plan opened the door to legalisation of abortion and same sex marriages. She continued that it had happened in Barbados, St Lucia, and Guyana because “the church was fast asleep”. Or was it because our neighbours were wide awake.

But the big question remains. Do judges have the right to use their office to flout their religious beliefs? If she wants to have her say as ‘Alice in Wonderland’ she should take her robes off. Perish the thought.

A law student, who also addressed the gathering, argued that if Trinidad and Tobago legalised same sex marriages, the country would no longer be rich in oil and gas because we would open up ourselves to god’s wrath and judgement and become like Sodom and Gomorrah. His reasoning escapes me but with thinking like that, hopefully he’ll realise that he missed his vocation as a lawyer and will apply for a job with either Pastor Dottin or Pastor Cuffie.

A female attorney then slammed the Women’s Choice Pregnancy Bill saying it would lead to murder and mayhem. I know about murder, that apparently happens every 26 hours in our country whether women choose it or not, but I had to look up ‘mayhem’ it’s not a word that I use. One definition is ‘crippling’ and I thought that was just perfect. These so called legal minds, who are supposed to be rational, are trying to cripple our freedom of discussion, thinking and choice.

See: TT Humanist Statement on the Draft National Gender Policy and Action Plan



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