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"Keep your faith to yourself, Justice Soo Hon"

Shane Collens • 03 May 2005 • 254 words
Published in Trinidad Express "Letter of the Day" and Trinidad Guardian

How dare a judge, holding public office, bring private belief to the forefront?

Freedom of speech is not a licence to use public office to promote a private agenda without scientific evidence, reason, or ethical (not religious) principles. I thought a judge's job was to interpret law, not to impose faith or belief in a secular society.

Should Justice Alice Yorke-Soo Hon be disqualified from all cases relating to this issue, or simply disqualified completely for the lack of impartiality expected of the office?

It doesn't stop there-this is what we have to look forward to with one of our up-and-coming law students who, at the same "Lawyers for Jesus at Christ Castle'' meeting, argued that if Trinidad and Tobago legalised same sex marriages, the country would no longer be rich in oil and gas.

Our learned friend further cautioned: "If the nation goes and enacts legislation for same sex marriages we open up ourselves to God's wrath and judgment and we will become like Sodom and Gomorrah.''

Is this the kind of logic he will be applying in legal matters? Here we have attorneys-at-law, who should be more objective and mindful of the secular state that they are sworn to serve, claiming:

"... not allowing a child to be born because there was the possibility that he might be born handicapped was not having faith in God to heal ...''

Presumably, then, all parents with handicapped children are therefore being punished for not having enough faith. And maybe the children, too.

I rest my case, m'lud!

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