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T&T Telecommunications Authority proposed Broadcast Code

"The one thing that must be resisted is a code imposed ... by any kind of authority."

Dennis Solomon, suggestions for a collective statement (not made)

The one thing that must be resisted is a code imposed by the telecommunications authority, or any kind of authority. Any code must be voluntary and developed by the broadcasters themselves.  Licences must not be revoked because of programme content.

The broadcasters may also develop a system of sanctions, but these must be moral sanctions only (cf the Press Complaints Council in Britain). Media houses who don’t like the code will therefore be free to ignore it.  Example: when the press in Britain was stampeded by the death of Princess Diana into drafting privacy rules for prominent persons (largely in order to avoid legislation), Rupert Murdoch, the owner of the Times and the Sun, stated he would have nothing to do with any such rules, because Diana, like most celebrities, thrived on publicity, and they should not be allowed to have their cake and eat it.

The long and short of it is that the only judge of the conduct of the media must be the public. The only rules that should apply are rules concerning time for political parties in election campaigns, and these are part of the electoral law, not a broadcasting code.

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