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Evolution • Creationism • Intelligent Design?

Lecture "Baby dinosaurs in the Ark?" - Reflections on organic evolution, creationism and intelligent design.
Baby dinosaurs in the Ark?
Lecturer Professor Julian Kenny
Date Wednesday 18 January 2006
Time 5pm - 7pm
Venue Audio-Visual Room, National Library, Port of Spain
Admission Open
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Abstract The lecture commences with a statement on the nature of scientific theories and scientific methods, the current concept of a “species” as a gene pool reproductively isolated from other gene pools and traces the history of explanations of the diversity of life and the basics of Darwin’s and Wallace’s proposal of evolution. It then reviews the current scientific acceptance of the fact and theory of evolution, giving examples of micro and macro-evolution and the range of evidence that supports this. It briefly comments on creationism and intelligent design, concluding that these notions are not science.
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Julian Kenny • Biography

Date of Birth
27th January 1930
Nationality Citizen Trinidad & Tobago

School: Belmont Intermediate, St Mary’s College
University: Toronto, BA, London PhD
Employment 1952-1961: Ministry of Agriculture, Lands and Fisheries
1963-1992: University of the West Indies, St Augustine.

Aquatic sciences generally – in particular; freshwater ecology, fish and fisheries biology, marine ecology and biology, coral reef ecology and general natural history.
Research 15 U.W.I. PhDs, 14 U.W.I. M.Phils, one external PhD, one External MSc.

Julian Kenny • Publications

Feeding mechanisms in anuran larvae. J. Zool. Lond. 157, 225-246
1969 The Amphibia of Trinidad, Stud. Fauna Curacao, 29, No. 108, 1-78

A preliminary study of the Buccoo Reef/Bon Accord Complex. Department of Biological Sciences UWI. 123p
1983 Caribbean commonwealth fisheries; some development problems and development strategies. Maritime issues in the Caribbean. 98-108, University Presses, Florida. (Jhabvala, F., Editor)

1987. The native Orchids of the Eastern Caribbean. Macmillan. 88p
1988 1988. Hermatypic scleractinian corals of Trinidad. Stud, Fauna Curacao, No 123, 83

Views from the Bridge; a memoir on the freshwater fishes of Trinidad. Julian Kenny, 98 p, illustrated, 59 maps, 37 photographs
2000 2000. Views from the Ridge; Exploring the natural history of Trinidad and Tobago. Prospect Press, Trinidad and Tobago; 162 p, illustrated



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