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Topic Title Date
Parenting TT Humanist 10 Years • Secular Parenting Workshop 30 April 2016

"Compassion, ethics and reason". Bringing up children without religion.

This workshop will explore the issues of religious parenting content and methods against what science currently understands about healthy and moral human development. More Info…
TT Humanist 10 Years • Secular Parenting Workshop
Reform "The death penalty, constitutional reform, and humanism." 12 February 2011
  The TT Humanist Association will be hosting a lecture by Denis Solomon, on “The death penalty, constitutional reform, and humanism.” Venue is the AV room of the National Museum, Port-of-Spain, on Saturday 12 February 2011 at 6:00 pm. The public is invited. More Info and related articles by Denis Solomon …

Denis Solomon
Humanism “Truth or Dare: How to distinguish fact from foolishness." 29 January 2011
  The TT Humanist Association will be hosting a workshop to discuss the psychological barriers which underlie bias, credulity, and poor decision-making. The workshop will take place at the National Museum, Port of Spain, on Saturday 29 January 2011, from 6 pm to 8 pm. Members of the public are invited to attend. More Info…

Secularism Essay: “People can be good without God. Discuss." 27 February 2010
  Fourteen-year-old Zachary Subran-Ganesh was last given a Lesovo netbook on February 27 for his excellent essay, organised by the Trinidad and Tobago Humanist Association. The topic was “People can be good without God”, and Zachary made a well-researched and logic argument. Along with his mother, father and sister (also a non-religious young individual), Zachary came to our HQ at Shane’s, where he was presented with the netbook by Association chairman Kevin Baldeosingh. Zachary was particularly pleased to get the netbook, since he wants to use it for his schoolwork. … "See Essay"

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Zachary Subran-Ganesh Kevin Baldeosingh
Zachary Subran-Ganesh Family
Secularism “Righteousness exalteth a nation!" 28 November 2006
  Should Trinidad and Tobago be a secular society or not? Arguing for a secularism is writer Kevin Baldeosingh of the TT Humanists and Fr Clyde Harvey of the Catholic Church. Arguing against a secularism is Tommy Isaac of the Seventh Day Adventist Church and Acharya Karamanda of the Divine Life Society. More Info…

Sex Education "Sex education saves lives!" 03 May 2006
  In memory of founding member Veronica Collens 1943-2006, a panel discussion on how a comprehensive Sex Education helps prevent child abuse. More Info… Sex Education Saves Lives
Evolution "Baby dinosaurs in the Ark?" 03 March 2006
  Reflections on organic evolution, creationism and intelligent design by Professor Julian Kenny who reviews the current scientific acceptance of the fact and theory of evolution, giving examples of micro and macro-evolution and the range of evidence that supports this More Info… Baby dinosaurs in the Ark?


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