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President Paula-Mae Weekes acknowledges the 'non-religious'

21 March 2018 • 207 words

Congratulations to the 6th President of the Republic of Trinidad and Tobago.

T&T's new President Paula-Mae Weekes surprised many (and may have discomfited a few) with her reference to Humanists in her inaugural speech. We remember US past president Barack Obama made similar reference to the non-religious in his own inaugural speech of 2008. Our President was right in her assertion that Humanists, like the religious, want the best for our nation.

President Weekes correctly noted that Humanism is based on "the school of philosophy that believes in human effort and ingenuity rather than religion". In other words, those who hold a Humanist life philosophy believe the challenges of the world are solved using the tools of the world. The common language of logic applied to empirical data, informed by compassion and ethical reasoning, ensures the welfare of humanity and the environment.

President Weekes has called for individuals and organisations to come to her with "your ideas, your feasible projects to improve our quality of life". The Humanist Association is ready do its part to honour the words of our President and to continue to offer reason on ideas and projects intended to improve the quality of life for all citizens and residents of Trinidad and Tobago.

T&T Humanist Association

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