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Collective Commentary 2016

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Secularism Carmona's statements inappropriate from a head of state

28 September 2016


While Mr Carmona is entitled to his religious beliefs in his private capacity, as President of the Republic he took an oath to serve all citizens of the nation. So when he singles out a group of persons defined by their non-religiosity, who may number anywhere between 26,000 and 90,000 persons according to how census data is interpreted, he sends a message that such people are not entitled to all the rights enshrined in the Constitution. "See Letter"

Religion How many more young Muslim men must become cannon fodder for ISIS?

12 August 2016


In this day and age, people who profess a religion should embrace only the humane aspects of its dogma, not use the bloodthirsty passages of scriptures derived from more primitive eras and circumstances to justify impulses of hatred and cruelty.  How many more young Muslim men will become cannon fodder for ISIS? "See Letter"

Ethics Prime minister: abortion issue is on-going

03 May 2016


In a rare, if indeed not unprecedented, display of firm leadership, Prime Minister Keith Rowley stopped one of his Ministers from unilaterally making government policy and, more importantly, pointed a path forward based on rational discussion.y. "See Letter"

Education Bigotry has no place in education

19 March 2016


Although the parents of the student in the Naparima Boys College controversy have denied being atheists, it is apparent that the teacher felt secure in making threatening remarks about homosexuals and non-believers because this kind of bigotry is considered acceptable by many people in the school and the wider society. "See Letter"

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