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Collective Commentary 2012

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Religion Different sex, same God? Same sex, differnt God! 13 June 2012

These religious believers would strongly object, and rightly so, if their right to a job or to equal treatment in a hospital or a court of law was circumscribed because of their religious beliefs. But they want those same rights to be denied to a group of persons because of sexual orientationt. … "See Letter"

Crime Statistics for death penalty as a deterrent are dishonest 17 March 2012

The number of executions by state and year is the key explanatory variable, and most states in most years execute no one. A very few states in particular years execute more than five individuals. Such values represent about 1 percent of the available observations. Reanalyses of the existing data are presented showing that claims of deterrence are a statistical artefact of this anomalous 1 percent. … "See Letter"

Education Concordat reflects several hundred year old mindset! 29 February 2012

However, since the core purpose of education is to impart knowledge, the information given to young people must be factually correct and validated – i.e. exactly the opposite of religious ‘knowledge’. Moreover, all the research shows that persons with more education and higher IQs are less likely to be religious. … "See Letter"

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