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Collective Commentary 2011

Topic Title Date
Religion What religions are to be taught? 13 April 2011

What religions are to be taught? Will sects within each main religion be included? Is Buddhism, which acknowledges no Creator, considered a religion? What about Rastafarianism, in which smoking marijuana is a key ritual? And, if the intent is to teach value systems (as distinct from belief systems) would humanism be included, given that this is the philosophy which underpins the most tolerant societies in the world, and tolerance is the ultimate goal stated by the Education Minister? … "See Letter"

Crime Capital punishment does not reduce murders 01 March 2011

Apart from the fact that capital punishment does not reduce murders, it is also possible that resuming hangings, by increasing the society’s violent tendencies, could actually put children in more danger of being hurt or killed. … "See Letter"

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