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Collective Commentary 2010

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Religion Demonic possession or child abuse? 18 November 2010

There is no demonic possession going on in Moruga. But there is certainly child abuse... Is it any wonder that rates of child abuse are lower in secular nations, while countries with high religiosity have more child labour, child slavery, and child deaths? … "See Letter"

Secularism Political and religious interference of State Media? 15 November 2010

Our Association has always promoted the principle that people are entitled to their personal beliefs as long as these do not affect public policy or, in this case, professional standards. This must be so whether people have strong religious beliefs, or equally strong disbelief, on matters of religion. … "See Letter"

Governance The Budget - TT Humanist Perspective 01 October 2010

So instead of facing the issues squarely we make clichéd statements about tertiary education and global competiveness. Facing the issues squarely and talking to those involved in the education system would probably have yielded some simple, mundane, implementable approaches – instead we have chosen to again throw some money and “bling” at a problem and hope that it will go away, hence the “laptop solution”. … "See Letter"

Crime Death penalty deters crime? Evidence is to the contrary! 12 July 2010

The death penalty has been condemned by all international human rights organisations, and is on the decrease worldwide. In nations where capital punishment has been abolished, politicians have done so for several reasons: (1) executing criminals does not reduce crime rates; (2) since no justice system is perfect, innocent persons will be executed; (3) executions are cruel. … "See Letter"

Secularism Theocracy rather than a secular democracy for T&T? 01 March 2010

Our Association holds that State and religion should remain separate, except and insofar as religious bodies also make a contribution to secular nation-building. This is especially crucial to maintain harmony in a multi-religious society. … "See Letter"

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