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Collective Commentary 2007

Topic Title Date
Secularism More Papal Bull! 13 December 2007
  Pope Benedict XVI’s latest encyclical testify to his misuse of language … to induce confusion between the concepts of “atheism” and “secularism”. He thereby seeks to obscure the only empirically valid observation concerning the relationship of religion to society: that the most religious societies are the most backward, and the least religious are the most advanced. … "See Statement"
Ethics False beliefs can, and do, kill 05 December 2007
  We have too many persons in influential positions who promote ignorant practices, in areas ranging from health to education to economics, which help keep our society backward. … "See Statement"
Governance How to Write a Manifesto (General Election • 05 November 2007) 01 November 2007
  The Humanist Association of Trinidad and Tobago is committed to promoting empirical inquiry, rational analysis, and intelligent discourse in all areas of public life. We have examined the manifestos of all three political parties, and found them wanting in terms of a clear vision and articulating a coherent philosophy for our society. The following are brief statements of principle in five key areas of governance. … "See Article"
Secularism Statement on TT Humanist Day 2007 19 September 2007
  The Association would also like to refute several untruths propagated by individuals and organizations who may feel threatened by free, responsible humanist values … "See Statement"
Secularism A church service is inappropriate for the Opening of the Law Term 14 September 2007
  It is bad enough that religion is allowed to intrude on ceremonies such as the opening of Parliament to staff meetings in Government Ministries, but it is more worrisome that the country’s judicial officers feel the need to have the Law Term opened in a church and to seek “divine guidance” in carrying out their duties. … "See Statement"
Religion "Religious instruction" is not caring for our children! 22 June 2007
  Professor Spence also questions our statement that religion “might even be harmful to intellectual development, since higher religiosity is correlated with lower academic achievement, in both the sciences and the humanities”, asking for evidence and saying he doubts this is the case in Trinidad and Tobago … "See Letter"
Religion "Religious instruction" is not education … is harmful to intellectual development! 16 May 2007
  "Make religious instruction and comparative religion classes mandatory in all secondary and primary schools." - So much, then, for the rights of the one in nine Trinidadians who are non-religious. We also suspect that many believers will object to their children being exposed to diverse religions … "See Letter"
Religion Banning Elton John from Tobago? Does ‘religion’ advocate discrimination? 01 April 2007
  The people who wish to deny full human rights to homosexuals are cut from the same cloth as those who 172 years ago argued, with talk about “God’s law” and the need to preserve social order, that slaves should not be freed … "See Letter"
Crime Empowerment of women, not simply abortion, may reduce violence 08 March 2007
  There is no study which has shows a valid connection between legalizing abortion and reducing crime. If there is such a connection, it is quite indirect, in that societies which empower women through giving them choice also tend to socialize their young persons to be less violent … "See Letter"
Crime TT Humanist Statement on the Death Penalty 01 February 2007
  The real danger of shouting for executions, however, is that it allows the politicians to pretend they are tough on crime. This is why both the Government and Opposition are in favour of it. But the increasing spate of murders has not happened in a social vacuum … "See Letter"

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