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Collective Commentary 2006

Topic Title Date
Constitution Abortion clause is an abuse of the Constitution 19 September 2006
  However, abortion is not an appropriate matter to be included in a constitution, since a constitution is not just a law but a framework for laws. Additionally, since abortion is already lawful when a woman’s physical and emotional health is endangered… "See Letter"
Secularism A "national award" embodies a status defined by citizenship not religion. 25 July 2006
  A “national award”, by definition, embodies a status defined by citizenship (official or honorary). Within that context, an individual may even receive an award in recognition of their religious or ethno-cultural work. But they receive it, not on the basis of religion or ethnicity, but on the basis of their contribution to the nation.… "See Letter"
Secularism Secularism is a sociopolitical system not a 'religion'. 12 June 2006
  Islamic terrorists, by their logical interpretation of certain Qur'anic texts, assume that any social and political disadvantage they have in the world justifies killing other human beings. But such attitudes also demonstrate that moral laws followed without question lead to immoral behaviour. "See Letter"
Secularism Trinidad and Tobago is a secular democracy? 06 June 2006
  But ecumenism is not secularism. Secularism dictates that such policy decisions should be made on rational and ethical bases, not on the basis of age-old religious strictures. … "See Letter"
Secularism T&T Humanist Association statement on Benny Hinn visit 15 May 2006
  In a free market, the exchange of goods benefits the majority of consumers. In the free market of ideas, the rule similarly holds. But what happens when the free market of ideas is skewed by selective economic protectionism? … "But why should religious organisations not pay taxes like ordinary citizens, when nearly all of them are, in practice, for-profit institutions?" … "See Statement"
Secularism Should a leader impose belief over reason? 28 March 2006
  It appears, however, that Mr Manning believes otherwise, since he has once again stated that he will does not approve of the Draft Gender Policy because of its “flexible interpretation” of gender. “My religious beliefs do not allow for a flexible interpretation of gender,” Mr Manning said at a conference … "See Letter"
Science Gift misled public on evolution and scientific principles 03 March 2006
  Gift, however, merely finds a Biblical perspective on evolution “interesting” – thus abandoning the scientific standards he (falsely) claims do not support evolutionary theory. "See Letter"

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