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"What, exactly do the humanists of our country stand for?"

29 June 2005 • 267 words

In the Daily Express of 28.06.05, letter-writer V.K. Ragbir of Chaguanas poses four questions to the TT Humanist Association. All of these could have been asked of the Association privately, by e-mailing us at “”. However, Ragbir's agenda was not to seek knowledge, but to misrepresent the views of humanism to the general public. Nonetheless, we shall still answer the questions that were asked.

Ragbir's first query was "What, exactly do the humanists of our country stand for, stated outright and clearly?" The answer is that we stand for the use of reason, evidence, ethics and compassion in the discussion and implementation of public policies.

Ragbir's other two questions show that he or she does not use the second standard listed above. Instead of visiting our web site at “”, Ragbir asserts (and apologises in advance for any error) that we support abortion and the release of Death Row prisoners.

The Association is certainly against capital punishment, but has never advocated that Death Row inmates be set free. Nor have we issued any statement which could possibly be misinterpreted in so ludicrous a fashion. In respect to abortion, our internal discussion is still ongoing but we shall be commenting on this issue in the near future. All we have called for so far is public debate on abortion law reform.

Ragbir's last question is: "Are [humanists] incapable of separating rhetoric from truth or have they all been brainwashed into this mode of thinking?" Perhaps a Biblical response will suit his/her taste: "Look to the beam in your own eye before you condemn the splinter in another's."



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