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The Devil's work True moral action is determined by reasoning from fact, not faith alone. But religious believers do not care for reason, whether scientific or moral. They care only for ancient texts and laws laid down by men, so they need not make the effort to think for themselves.
Lying eye In a way, though, I find all this encouraging. The fact that an ignorance industry exists at all suggests that the intellectual culture is considered sufficiently pervasive to be rejected or co-opted (albeit in corrupted fashion).
Bad Good Books As a writer who is not all-powerful (just fairly well-built) it seems to me that a Supreme Being should at least be capable of writing - or inspiring men to write - clear, non-contradictory prose. Instead, we have three Holy Books which have been used to justify nearly every atrocity the mind of man can conceive.
Is Religion Any Good History clearly shows that religion has always stood in the way of progress and civilisation, except where religion was itself a means of rebellion (usually against some other religion, as with early Christianity against paganism and, later, Protestantism against Catholicism)
The Atheist's Argument Most atheists become so because they see the contradictions between what religions preach and what actually obtains in the world. Atheists thus tend to be persons with a low tolerance for contradiction and hypocrisy (hence the reason they are such a tiny minority in the world).
The Facts Of Evolution The second most frequent statement of those who disbelieve in evolution is that it is "just a theory". But that assertion rests on a confusion between popular use of the term "theory" and its scientific application. In common usage, "theory" is synonymous with "logical assumption" or "hypothesis
Lecture on Humanism The person who questions everything and gives short shrift to absolutes is not easily fooled by politicians and is usually tolerant of others' beliefs and lifestyles.
Praying twenty questions These are the answers I got to my prayers: and no believer can tell me that I didn't hear what I heard. After all, I swear by God.



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