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Published articles by Kevin Baldeosingh • Philosophy • Religion

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Rational Thoughts The difference between the rational man and the superstitious man is that the rational man can be convinced of anything.
The Values of Life But true morality also requires one more value: courage. Most people are simply not brave enough to reject what their ethnic or religious group tells them to believe.
A Secular Education ... contrary to what the religious propagandists argue, secular societies are far more "good" than religious ones.
Scientifically Speaking The religious mentality discourages analytical thought; the scientific mentality demands it.
Common Nonsense The call to reject Western values almost invariably comes from our ethnocentrists, both Indo and Afro. Most of the time, what they mean by 'Western values' is confined to consensual sex between adults who aren't married.
The Meaning of Meaning The hard truth is, only we can create meaning in our lives. But we are reluctant to do so, because that would mean self-responsibility (with all the hard work that that implies).
The Seeker of Truth It is for this reason that people are both too open-minded and too close-minded - open when searching for beliefs that make them psychologically comfortable, closed when they find those (usually sparse and simplistic) ideas.
Ancient Foolishness Our problem in T&T is not that we have abandoned traditional values, but that we haven't abandoned them fast enough. And the sooner we do so, and the sooner we stop hankering after a past that never existed, the better off we will all be.
The Ethics of Morals The difference between morals and ethics is essentially one of action. Ethics is defined as 'the science of morals.' It is so defined because morals have no science - i.e. morality cannot be proven to be 'good' by either logic or evidence.



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