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Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya

Humanist and Ethical Union of Kenya was formed on June 3rd 2004 after attending an international conference on Humanism in Uganda. Our model of operation is clearly defined in the HEUK constitution and our initiative is to operate as a non-governmental organisation without politics but high in morals.

Humanism differs from religion and so are their ethical implications. The roots of the Humanist ethics are not revelation, faith and philosophy, but scientific research, knowledge and compatibility between nature and humanity.

Africa being a traditional continent that had been dictated by religion and culture, most of its ethics is static and dynamically oriented. We must understand that ethics is the bedrock of humanity - a basic guideline for human conduct, thinking and belief. Therefore, no human society can thrive without ethics. All societies being inevitably dynamic has caused a growing concern and dissonance between ethics and culture. We need to develop and adopt a modern ethical construct that takes into account the problems, requirements and anxieties of today?s humanity and the fact that our species can survive only in an intact with nature. The trans-humanist model of reality.



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