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Collective Commentary 2018

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Religion Religious leaders on the wrong side of history

13 June 2018


... if these leaders were really so committed to preserving and promoting marriage and family, why aren't they offering marriage and childcare services for free? Why aren't they calling for a repeal or modification of T&T's divorce laws? Why aren't they ejecting or excommunicating members of their congregations who are "living in sin" or who have more than one wife?. "See Letter"

Religion Religious beliefs should not take precedence in state funded education

27 May 2018


If denominational schools are really so committed to preserving their religious identities, they should refuse State funding and depend on students' fees instead. Then, short of harm, nobody can tell them what to practise and preach. "See Letter"

Humanity Commonwealth Heads of Government must address LGBT rights

16 April 2018


Homophobic attitudes and legislation are widespread among former British colonies. The issue therefore inevitably presents a challenge to the Commonwealth, and an opportunity for that organisation, faced as it is with accusations of irrelevance, to emphasise its key virtue: the vigorous promotion at world level of respect for human rights. "See Letter"

Law Law should not determine form of intimacy between consenting adults

14 April 2018


In the matter of Jones vs. the State on Section 6 of the Constitution, the Trinidad and Tobago Humanist Association congratulates Jason Jones, our LGBTQ community leaders/organisers, folk and allies in the struggle to reclaim their innate Humanity and dignity respected by the laws guaranteed in our Constitution. "See Letter"

Secularism President Paula-Mae Weekes acknowledges the 'non-religious'

21 March 2018


T&T's new President Paula-Mae Weekes surprised many (and may have discomfited a few) with her reference to Humanists in her inaugural speech. We remember US past president Barack Obama made similar reference to the non-religious in his own inaugural speech of 2008. Our President was right in her assertion that Humanists, like the religious, want the best for our nation. "See Letter"

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